Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yard Work is never done

Those weeds in the back yard are relentless. Just last week before our furniture arrived we weeded a few of the small beds in the back yard. I noticed that they are all back. Yesterday, I put out our can of yard waste which was all weeds from the back yard, and I filled a 32 gallon trash can. The bad thing is you can hardly tell that we did any weeding at all!!!
I am going to need some heavy duty garden equipment to keep this place in shape.

We used to think that it was strange to have a riding mower when your yard is fairly small. After one mowing of this Florida crab grass we now want to get a zero turn mower. This grass is very hard to push our electric mower through, especially if you let it grow a little too long.

Once we get the yard under control we will have to get a post hole digger to come out and dig some holes for new fence posts. We can get the fence to stand up, I think that will help with the overall look of the backyard.
All in all, the yard looks pretty good, just a few things to spruce up. We will have to stay on top of those weeds so they don't take over.

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