Friday, July 10, 2009

Day Two of the Craft Room Re-do

I started with an empty room, then it was filled with boxes.
Now I am sorting and folding, and rearranging fabric. It is fun to go through and see all the fabric, but it is overwhelming because there is so much of it. There were 6 large boxes that held all my fabric for the move. Now where should it all go. It is really nice to start with a clean slate. I can have the perfect crafting area. This room has been a catch all for the items we have not put away yet. In the picture you can see we have all of our wall hanging frames in there too. They take up a ton of room, and I can't wait to get them on the walls. I think I will have to work on that before I can reclaim the sewing area. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a picture of the finished project!

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Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

Yikes! I hate moving things :)