Thursday, July 30, 2009

Turtle Soup

There was a torrential downpour the other day. Then after the brief cloud cover the sun was back out and blazing down. It was so hot, and steamy outside. It was time for a dip in the pool. M made a beeline for the pool as soon as he came in the door from work, and before I could make it outside he yelled for the camera. I grabbed it on the way out the back door and headed for the pool. As I approached, M was playing with something in the water. It was a scared little turtle who had been stuck in the filter. He was making turtle soup in our pool! M the life guard headed him in the direction of the stairs and he started up the to the first one. The turtle took a small rest before attempting to exit the pool. We gave him a boost, and he "ran" as fast as a turtle can run into the shade of the decorative grass. Time to let his shell dry out, and no doubt rest a little. It probably was a lot of work to swim against the filter. We don't know how long he was in there, but we were glad to save him. Now I check the filter before I get in the pool, just to see if there are any critters that need help escaping.

Window Shopping

Window shopping on the internet is so easy. One page leads to another, next thing you know your online shopping cart is full and your new clothes are on their way to your front door. It is hard to find cute maternity clothes in a regular store. They all look so BIG! I have had better luck shopping for maternity clothes online. I have decided to invest in a few basics that can really work enhance my wardrobe. Since it is hot here, I think short sleeves and tanks are the way to go. Simple items that can be dressed up for a night out on the town, and worn with different accessories look perfect for a night at the local pizza joint. Since it is only a few short months that I will actually wear these clothes, I think it is better to have a few nice peices that I can wear over and over, and not get tired of the look. I am looking for a basic t-shirt, a flattering tank top, and everyday shorts. I already have purchased a little black dress that will be my go to dress for the next 5 months.

Window shopping online is so fun, to compare the styles and the variety is endless. I can't even believe how many black dresses are out there. I really enjoy sites where it is to drop items in to the cart, and make your finally decision just before checkout! I guess I am off to see what I have in the cart. Happy shopping to all!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dinner Reviews

Last night we tried a new side dish. I found it in a cookbook no less! I rarely crack the covers on the cookbooks now that I can find any recipe at my fingertips on the computer. This was a good one though. The book was Healthy Cooking for Two and it shows you how to make smaller portions just for the two of you. So you don't end up wasting a ton of food. The recipe we tried was a Sweet Potato Bake. I only had to use one sweet potato, and you bake it up in a small souffle dish, so that the portion size is much more manageable.
We usually split a steak, since we try to only eat a fist size portion of protein and increase our veggies a little.
The meal consisted of the sweet potato bake, corn and the half portion of delicious steak!

Project Help

I was working on a project the other day on the computer. I realized that I needed to have it as Portable Document Format, otherwise know as pdf. I needed to convert the document from word to pdf. I was not sure how to go about that, but found that the Internet is a wealth of information. The key is knowing where to look! With the pdf software it makes conversions easy as pie! Now I can make these documents for websites, and other presentations that I will be doing in the near future. The opposite is also true, if you have a pdf file that you need to edit, or print you can convert pdf to word in a few short steps! It is convenient if you don't have the pdf reader, or just need it in the word format. I guess I should be back to work, off to edit pdf documents.

High Price of Gold

Have you seen all those commercials on TV that promise to buy gold from you? Would you ever send your gold jewelry through the mail, with the promise on the other end being they will send you money? Sounds fishy to me. I think a more sound investment would be gold coins! You can buy gold coins as an investment to add to your portfolio, and the investment to buy gold bullion is probably a safe one. You can even use it to bolster your IRA, or 401K. That would be nice to know that you had actual gold in your retirement fund! Everyone has their own needs for retirement and you can seek help in person with a financial advisor, but you could always ask them what they think about gold coinsas an investment. As with all investments it is best to do your own homework before you take any action.

Inventory Rising

I have been sewing on the machine, working on increasing the inventory for Threadbeaur.
I just posted one of my favorite bags in a vintage fabric. The vintage linen tree fabric was found at an estate sale up in Illinois. I had about 8 yards of it, and now the stash is dwindling. I bought it still wrapped on the bolt, and the tag still intact read 1980. When did the 80's become vintage? I am always on the look out for great estate sales, and thrift stores to find fabric. I hope that I can find some good places to shop around here in Florida.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A night at the Theater

The other night we went down to the local college and watched their production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The performance was put on by Fine & Performing Arts Division of Northwest Florida State College. I had never seen the movie so I thoroughly enjoyed the play. The actress that played the leading character Belle did a fantastic job. Her voice in both her speaking lines, and songs carried through the auditorium. The Beast was also well done. He was so gruff I was certain that he was not going to come around, but as you all know how the story ends, he played his part wonderfully!
The crowd at the play was a mix of adult and children. There were a few girls dressed in there yellow Belle gowns, it was a sight to see!
The Mattie Kelly Arts Center has a full schedule of events for the up coming season. Thanks to our neighbor for giving us the schedule we will now be able to take full advantage of this venue!

Setting up in a craft fair

There are a few craft fairs near by that I might start setting up in. I need to get a better display area though. I found some pipe and drape displays that would be perfect for the 10x10 spaces that I can rent. It really sets your booth apart from the others, giving you a sense of a small shop. Usually the trade fair booths are partitioned into 10x10 slots, you can rent bigger, but I don't have that many bags to fill a bigger space. The fairs that I have found are inside which is great since the Florida heat can be overwhelming in the summer.

With all my bags and coffee sleeves set up on a plastic table I really like the way the table skirts look. It gives the display a finished look, and not to mention hidden storage space under the table for the boxes that I carry the bags in. It is important to me to have all the supplies hidden beneath the table. That way they are easy for me to get to, and out of sight.

The last thing required at the fair is a sign that is easy to read. The easiest way to get your sign up is by using a banner stand. That way it can draw attention from across the room and ease people into your booth. That is what we are striving for after all, getting the customers to come shop!

Don't forget the other essentials like a snack, water and bring lots of change! Most of all have a little fun!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Replacing Kitchen Essentials

Having unpacked about 19 kitchen boxes in our move I realized that I have enough dinnerware to have dinner for 50 or so people. The plates that I have range from old fiestaware to new plates from Crate and Barrel. I thought I had everything one would need for the kitchen, but it turns out that sometimes those things need replacing. One of the items that sorely needs to go is the blender. We were told in no uncertain terms that our blender is junk. After trying to prepare several appetizers in it for a party for 50 people, we realized it was true! The blender is on the list of things to buy.
The food processor is another item that is essential for the kitchen, and we seem to be without! They make the prep work a breeze when preparing a gourmet meal. Perhaps that will go on to the buying list as well. I love being able to shop and compare online. You get such a better selection and all of your questions can be answered quickly. Shopping smarter!

One item that I would never get rid of is my kitchen aide stand mixer which is still in perfect health thankfully. I use it for pretty much everything. If it ever dies it will be on the replace list too!

The "to buy" list is short, but today we are going to look at a bookcase at the antique shop to house all my favorite cookbooks. I have so many, and I would love for them to be close by so that I can just grab it and get those pots and pans flying!
Cooking is so fun, when you have the right tools and a wonderful recipe! Enjoy your kitchen!

Trading in a down Economy

Everyone knows that the economy is not booming. We should have all known that the hay day of the stock market could not last forever. Now that it is down, it is up to the investors to rebuild. I am not a financial advisor, and can not give advice on the subject, however trading has become more accessible to everyone.
Online trading brings the stock market to your house. You can do watching your picks daily, and keep an eye on the trends of all your favorite stocks. At this time, when many of the companies have their stocks trading at a low price, it might be the perfect time to jump in. If you are still unsure you can always enlist the help of an online broker. They can help you sort through which are the best picks for your financial situation. If you have a little extra money, why not have it work for you!
Stock trading is not without risk, in fact, you could lose it all. On the flip side you could gain a little too. It is a risk, and with the right research you could do well. Remember to do your homework, and read all the materials you can find on your stock picks.
Good luck investing in the future.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shopping for a boy

Now we know that we will be having a little boy come December. I have been looking for some cute little outfits. I found this cute appaman onsie with a funny little monkey on it. It will be perfect for summer and year round here in Florida. I love the navy monkey on the blue cotton fabric. How cute. Of course, I can't buy everything I see. I am sure babies grow so quickly that they hardly have time to wear all the designer baby clothes you have for them. They won't grow out of these stuffed animals that fast. One or two special toys would be okay to indulge in. Something soft, and cuddly. I am partial to the jellycat. There are some new designs, too. I found Cordy Roy Alligator, and the Cordy Roy Aardvark. Maybe I will get one for me and one for a friend. I have a few friends that are all expecting within the year. I think Jellycat makes a great gift.
While I am out shopping I might as well get a little something for myself. There is an adult bathrobe by Barefoot dreams that looks fantastic. The fabric looks so soft, and it is machine washable! That is a great benefit. I think they would be perfect for a cover up when we get out of the pool on the cool evenings!

I am going to be on the lookout for more fun items. If you know any items for the little ones that are a must have send me a comment!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Folded Fabric

Here is my stash after many days of sorting, folding, and purging. It is a great way to get rid of those unwanted pieces. Just take all the fabric from the shelves, and re-fold it. I took advice from Turning Turning, when it comes to folding. I improvised on the way she organized and folded her fabrics. My shelf is 10 inches deep, so I went with 8 inch square folding.
With an 8 inch square of cardboard, I folded each colorful fabric selvage to selvage. Then rolled it like a mini- bolt on to the cardboard, slip the cardboard out and finished folding it into a square.
Time consuming? Yes. Organized and beautiful? Yes!

Now when I go looking for my fabrics they are separated by color, and the patterns are easy to see on the shelves. I recommend this folding technique to anyone looking to reorganize their fabric stash!


In our last house we had a great home security system that we put in. It was based on a cell phone signal so that we did not need a home phone to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a security system. In our new house in Florida we don't have any home security systems currently installed.

I am interested in all sorts of home security, but one thing that is wonderful is the home security surveillance system. I think it would be great to have a small camera mounted out by the front door so that I could see who was coming and going outside my front door. I could see the delivery guy if he brought a package. If the doorbell rang when I was not expecting anyone, I could see if I wanted to answer the door before I looked outside. There are many reasons to have an alarm system.

I enjoy having Home security systems. For me they offer peace of mind.

Preparing the Nest

We are expecting our first in a few short months. We have started preparing the house for the new arrival. Safety, of course is the name of the game. Our house has a steep set of stairs that will require baby proofing. I have been on the look out for a baby gate that will fit the width of the stairs. One for the top of the stairs and one for the bottom. I want something that looks nice, and is very sturdy.
We have approximately 10 outlets in each room. It is convenient but that calls for a ton of outlet covers. While I was searching the internet for a good price on 100 outlet covers, I found many pages about child safety. There are so many products you can buy, it is almost overwhelming.
I think we will start with a few of the obvious safety items, like the baby gate, and cabinet locks. Then we will see which other items we need.
If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear from you!

Dreaming of a New Ride

Now that we are back in Florida, and settled in, I have been thinking maybe it is time to upgrade the car. With over 150,000 miles our little silver hyundai is starting to have some quirks that have become annoying. Car research is easy these days with the vast amount of info on the internet.
Do I want sporty? I really like the nissan 370z. I could see myself zipping around near the beach. What color? Black is the color, with leather seats. Just make sure I get a windshield shade to protect it from the Florida sun.
Perhaps I want something with a little more sophistication like the Lincoln MKS. That car looks great, and can be zippy too!
It is hard to decided on a car. I need to make a pros and cons list to narrow down the field of possible choices.
Maybe since we have an expanding family we should be a little more practical with a Toyota Venza or even the Buick Enclave. They would both provide some cargo space and a large backseat for the car seat. I need to check out some of the safety reviews, and customer satisfaction reviews to get a better idea of which is right for us.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Get into being green

You can win a fantastic compost machine! This looks like it would be easy to use, and not unsightly! I am going to enter, but you better head over to Pays to Live Green, the contest ends on August 2nd.

This could be your way to break into a greener life. I want to win, because composting looks like fun, and why throw away what would normally decompose and provide you with better soil!

Check it out.

Alfresco Arts

Yesterday we went to Turkey Creek Boardwalk, and walked the 1.5 round trip along the creek. The boardwalk has a canopy of scrub oaks, cedar, and pine trees, so the walk was shaded. It was a quiet stroll, as we listened to the birds, and the water running over the rocks, sand, and vegetation. With only a few jet planes to disturb the silence. Though that is know as the sound of freedom around here. It is a great sight to see a fighter jet whizzing over the tree tops, invigorating, and loud.

When we got home, I started to make dinner, when I saw a hawk hopping around in the back yard! M grabbed the camera and commenced clicking. As he was walking toward the magnificent hawk, just next to his feet he found a small bird, paralyzed with fear. The bird did not want to fly away and risk the wrath of the hawk. It laid perfectly still until the hawk moved on.

If I were a bird I would not have moved either! What a wonderful show, right outside our window!

Making Money

Dive into the blogging world and you will find many wild and wonderful things. I have my blog for fun, and to promote my shop. There are many other reasons to have a blog, too. You could have a blog for your kids, your photos, your stories, but have you ever heard of blog monetization? Many blogs out there don't just blog for fun, they blog to make money. If you can make money online by blogging, why not! There are many places to find tips on money making in the blog world. Online Siesta has great info.
Online Siesta is well formatted. You can navigate easily around his site to see all his posts. It is one mans thoughts on the Internet advertising world around him. Online advertising, good or bad, you be the judge. The writing is cleaver, education, and even funny. Just what you would expect from someone explaining digital marketing, and blog monetization. I very excited to see what he posts next this will definitely be one of my bookmarked pages.
So if you are interested in the marketing of blogs, and all the Internet has to offer for advertising, check out Online Siesta, it will not disappoint!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farmers Market

I found a farmers market! It is at the Ft. Walton Beach Fairgrounds. This market runs Tuesday, Thrusday, and Saturday. I went this morning to find two vendors swarmed by a crowd of people. They had fruits from mini plums (she said they were tart) to okra. Yes, okra. I did not buy that of course, but I picked up a basket of peaches, and a basket of tomatoes. Everything looked good though. The bell peppers were huge, and the corn looked delicious. I will try on Saturday to see if there is more selection.
I think Saturdays are the big day at the market, more vendors and more people.

The farmers market is a place that I will frequent during the growing season. I have been told by late July, most of the local growing season has started to decline. I will take advantage of it as long as I can.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blow me Away!

It is hot here in Florida, not that I am complaining, but ceiling fans are a must. Just to get the air moving around at night is just the recipe for a good nights sleep. We have one fan in the master bedroom, and one down stairs. I almost feel bad when company comes, and there is no fan in the guest room. The air is still and a bit muggy. With the rooms being upstairs the air conditioning doesn't get it cool enough. The ceiling fan is the key ingredient. Ceiling fans are an easy home improvement that can be done with just a few tools. We will be installing fans in the guest rooms so that everyone will have a comfortable night.

I found this great fan at Hansen Wholesale ceiling fans, it was voted fan of the year! The Emerson Ceiling fan called the Midway Eco is environmentally friendly. It is more efficient than the energy star fans. This would be the fan that I would go with. It provides great light, with low watts! It could even save you money. When there is a product out that is eco-friendly, and the cost is reasonable, I will pick the item that is good for the environment. I am willing to pay a little extra for a ceiling fan that is well made and is going to last a long time.

I also like to buy from reputable dealers and companies with good customer service. In this case give Hansen Wholesale ceiling fans a try.

New Family in the Tree

Yesterday while we were swimming in the pool, I noticed that there was a dove sitting on the fence. Not to say that she was undecided about something, she was actually perched on the fence. Next to her was a baby bird waiting patiently for some food.
Just below them on the ground was another baby bird trying desperately to fly up to sit next to his family on the wood fence. He tried a few times only to crash in to the wood. Then he just sat on the sticks at the base of the fence. I felt bad for him, but at least he was trying. The two on the fence really did not care about us walking around. M went to the shed to get the mower, and neither moved. I went to get the camera and was able sneak close enough to snap a few shots of the fence sitters.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Book Borrowing at its Best

Today I went to the local library in Shalimar. This is a volunteer run facility, not supported by tax money. The library thrift store which is located directly behind the library is their main source of funding. I am very excited about this small book borrowing building. It is not part of the library system so there is a small fee to join, but they have a great selection and the volunteers were so nice. I had some items to drop off at the thrift store, too. It is nice when people really appreciate you bringing in items for sale. They gave me a receipt and I looked around then headed back out. The library is so cute I had to snap a picture as I was leaving. It really has that small town feeling, which I really like!

Network Security

It is amazing how many people don't secure their Internet networks. We have wifi in the house which allows us to use the Internet from any place in the house, and even out by the pool. We have our network locked and password protected. Not to say that it is hack proof, but at least we are trying. Internet security should be a priority, since someone could just hop on to your wifi and even get access to the contents of your computer.
If you are using a PC you know that there are many viruses out there that can crash your computer, one way to protect your hard drive is to have anti-virus software. The antivirus software can prevent a virus and protect your work. Another problem with computers and the Internet is spyware. These spyware programs can come in different shapes and sizes, and you might not even know they are there. They collect data about you and your computer usage. Like the antivirus software you can also get antispyware that will remove these unwanted programs from your computer.
In this age you can't be too careful when it comes to securing your computer and your networks. There is so much information out how to protect your self and your data. Be smart and password protect your wifi network, it is the least you can do.

Yard Work is never done

Those weeds in the back yard are relentless. Just last week before our furniture arrived we weeded a few of the small beds in the back yard. I noticed that they are all back. Yesterday, I put out our can of yard waste which was all weeds from the back yard, and I filled a 32 gallon trash can. The bad thing is you can hardly tell that we did any weeding at all!!!
I am going to need some heavy duty garden equipment to keep this place in shape.

We used to think that it was strange to have a riding mower when your yard is fairly small. After one mowing of this Florida crab grass we now want to get a zero turn mower. This grass is very hard to push our electric mower through, especially if you let it grow a little too long.

Once we get the yard under control we will have to get a post hole digger to come out and dig some holes for new fence posts. We can get the fence to stand up, I think that will help with the overall look of the backyard.
All in all, the yard looks pretty good, just a few things to spruce up. We will have to stay on top of those weeds so they don't take over.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning

Things are getting back to normal now and the weekly menus will be one of my Monday activities. I like to shop on Monday to get a fresh start on the week. Today I tried shopping on base at the Commissary. What fun! Before we shopped at Publix, and they had a great selection of all sorts of produce and organic food. The prices were a bit high though. On base, one of the perks of being in the military, you get the discounted prices at the commissary. I had my list and my menu in hand, and I went around looking at all the great items they carry. The produce was fresh, and plentiful.
This weeks menu is:

Breaded Chicken with homemade hummus and mango chutney
Jamaican Rice and Peas (Red beans and rice)
Grilled Shrimp with rice and avocado
Grilled Chicken with Cinnamon garlic brown butter pasta!

The menu was planned this way to use up some of the items I have in the pantry so that I can re arrange. I figure it is much easier to eat what is in there then fix it so that I can be more efficient.

Back to the shopping, I found one thing that was fantastic at the store. I love nutella, and usually I don't buy it because it is expensive. At publix it was 4.65 a jar (too much). When I was browsing the aisle I found that delicious jar sitting next to the peanut butter and the price tag was 2.71!!! I'll take two thanks!
It was a good time, and I will be doing all my shopping there from now on.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hard Times call for creative measures

As we are all aware the economy is still not what it used to be. I for one have one or two credit cards looming over head with one of those outrageous interest rates. I pay the bill every month, but I knew that I could find a better interest rate. Afterall, that is just throwing money away right. The interest rates can change, and do change with the market, but there are ways to lock in a low interest rate for a period of time. I started shopping around to find a low interest rate credit card to transfer my balance to. It was pretty easy to compare credit cards once I found a few that fit the bill. One thing to really pay attention to is if there is a fee to transfer balances, and how long the interest rate is good for.

I understand that this is not the best way to deal with debt, but for now a little creativity in finance is what we have. I have to say I don't recommend carrying a balance on credit cards, but if it is all you can do, do so responsibly. Finding a lower interest rate can save you money in the long run. Just watch out for the fine print.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Day Two of the Craft Room Re-do

I started with an empty room, then it was filled with boxes.
Now I am sorting and folding, and rearranging fabric. It is fun to go through and see all the fabric, but it is overwhelming because there is so much of it. There were 6 large boxes that held all my fabric for the move. Now where should it all go. It is really nice to start with a clean slate. I can have the perfect crafting area. This room has been a catch all for the items we have not put away yet. In the picture you can see we have all of our wall hanging frames in there too. They take up a ton of room, and I can't wait to get them on the walls. I think I will have to work on that before I can reclaim the sewing area. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a picture of the finished project!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunglass disaster

Our Maui Jim glasses have been the best accessories we have ever owned. They are a must in defense of the Florida sun. Just two days ago as we were getting ready to hop in the pool, M grabbed his glasses, and the bridge broke in half. The glasses were destroyed!!! Oh how sad we were.
Maui Jim customer service to the rescue. We gave them a quick call since they are open until 7pm central time! We were pretty excited about that. They told us to pack them up and send to the repair center in Peroria, IL and they would be able to fix them for a nominal fee (much less than a brand new pair for sure). I took a picture of the glasses, and packed them up and shipped them off. They told us it would take about 10 days to fix. Good thing M has a spare pair (not Maui Jims).
You may remember that we had his lenses swapped out not too long ago, and I will never buy another brand of sunglasses, because the customer service that we received by the good folks at Maui Jim. They have scored a customer for life! If customer service is important to you I would definitely recommend Maui Jim's as your sunglasses of choice!

Planning Vacations, Already

While one of us goes to work the other is to plan vacations. After having 3 weeks off, the first time in a few years with a vacation, M has gone back to work. I have the tasks of finish the unpacking, and clean up the house. The last on the long list of things to do (certainly not least) is to plan vacations around the area. One of the places that we would love to go is Myrtle Beach and stay in one of the amazing Myrtle Beach Resorts. There are certainly many to choose from, and many of the on the water. I would love to stay at a Myrtle Beach Resort right on the waters of the South Carolina coast. It is so easy to find many hotels and resorts on the internet. I am not sure how we planned such excursions before we had the internet! It makes it so easy.

When choosing a Myrtle Beach hotel, I think it is very important to check out the pictures, so you can see what your view will be from your room. I will be picking out some fun activities for us to do during our vacation. I would love to hear from anyone that has been to Myrtle Beach before and stayed at one of the fabulous resorts.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Great video about recycling

When we moved in I inquired about how to recycle here. Our town has a single stream recycling program, and it is awesome. We can recycle so many things, and we throw it all in the same bin.
Interesting how it works. I found this video that shows how the products get separated, and what happens after that. I like this video because it makes the process simple to understand. There are a few chapters to follow so sit back and watch the process unfold.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Early to Rise

When you get up early and head out to the beach you sometimes are in for a great surprise! That surprise today is that we were pretty close to the only ones on the Air Force beach. We flashed our ID and with in a few steps we were on the sugar white sands of the Emerald Coast. The gulf was beautiful this morning. The water was brilliant greens and blues, just like the water in the Virgin Islands. With no one except the birds wandering the shore line, we had a great time. The water was cool, but once you get your shoulders wet it was no big deal! Plus, the cool water is a nice retreat from the suns 100 degree rays beating down on us.
After 45 minutes in the water we took a little stroll down the sandy shore to take a few pictures. We found some great drift wood formations.

Since we are only 15 miuntes from the beach we stayed for an hour and half, then stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up all the stuff we need for the weekend of entertaining the family! Tonight we will head back to Eglin Air Force Beach for sunset after we have dinner.
What an awesome place to live!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Settling In

Wow! What a lot of boxes. We had about 5 people come over and pick up boxes and packing paper. I think we are finally rid of all of it. I have not unpacked my quilting fabric, and it sits in 6 big boxes in the back room that we are using as staging as we rearrange all of our furniture. The craft room is going to have to wait until ONE we make some shelves, and TWO when M goes back to work.

Our days now are filled with swimming and organizing and throwing away a ton of junk. One of the most important lessons we have learned from this move is SPEND MORE THAN ONE DAY PREPARING FOR THE MOVE. Even though someone came in and packed our stuff and moved it 13 hours south, we still had a lot of junk. So we have dropped off items at the Goodwill for 5 days straight, I think they know us by name now.

The good news is that Nilla is really having a nice time swimming in the pool, and of course taking naps on the plants. I guess it is more comfortable than the dirt. I don't blame her.

We are going to the beach in the morning then we have to prepare for family coming in for the weekend. Busy, busy.