Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farmers Market

I found a farmers market! It is at the Ft. Walton Beach Fairgrounds. This market runs Tuesday, Thrusday, and Saturday. I went this morning to find two vendors swarmed by a crowd of people. They had fruits from mini plums (she said they were tart) to okra. Yes, okra. I did not buy that of course, but I picked up a basket of peaches, and a basket of tomatoes. Everything looked good though. The bell peppers were huge, and the corn looked delicious. I will try on Saturday to see if there is more selection.
I think Saturdays are the big day at the market, more vendors and more people.

The farmers market is a place that I will frequent during the growing season. I have been told by late July, most of the local growing season has started to decline. I will take advantage of it as long as I can.

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