Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Presents for the season

Oh the joys of Christmas! We had a great time celebrating down with all our family in Central Florida. Though Lincoln is a little small to open presents, there were enough to last him the entire year. He got to "open" his JellyCat animals and snuggle up with the soft plush toys. Those toys are so soft and cute, I would like the entire collection! My present was just as soft. I got a barefoot dreams throw, and bathrobe. The luxurious soft fabric can take you away even in the most hectic moments.
One thing I will get after the holiday season is the Appaman Vintage football tee with the crazy monkey on the front. It is too cute, and a must have in any little boys wardrobe!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Internet For All

Internet services can be elusive for those that can't afford to have a cable modem, and router, and the funds for the cable. There are other options though. You can still get reliable cheap dial up service. Dial up service is better than no service, and when you can get it for under $10 a month it is a real deal. With dial up, as you may know, you use your phone line, which is good if you live out in the country where you can't get cable Internet service. If you want a little faster Internet you can also get other packages from high speed dial up to DSL. I like the fast speeds of DSL so that package is more my speed, still it is inexpensive when compared to cable Internet! With the big companies that push all sorts of services on you, this company gives you the freedom to just have the Internet service. No more salesman trying to make you upgrade your cable package with your Internet service. Best of all this Internet provider is American owned and have great customer service where you can easily talk to a REAL person! What a bonus. They have great business ethics and privacy policies. No hassle trial, they offer 30 day money back if you are not happy with the service. If you are without Internet you should look into this American company that can help you with all you Internet needs!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Real Football

With a more than a few hours to kill during the day, I have to find something to fill the time. Normally, almost as a rule, we never watch sports matches at our house. The one exception being real football. Not the kind with the funky oblong ball, but the one where you use your feet to move the ball around the field. Yes, some of you know the sport as soccer, but it is football to me. I am looking forward to watching the English Premiership match between West Ham United and Chelsea. If I have to leave the tellie to run an errand I always have the website to get livescores of the game. Today I am not rooting for anyone in particular, just ready for a good game. If you don't have time to watch the game, you can always get the livescore, or results from

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photography Web Hosting

I am currently taking some photography classes, in hopes of composing better photos. I have always enjoyed photography, and now with a correspondence class, I will learn the art of composure. Once that is done, though I need to get my photography page up and running. Since I am in the Destin area of Florida, there are great opportunities to make great photos. But how do I share them with the world. Photos are big files and so I figure that I need to get a dedicated page to storing them, and have to find the perfect website hosting company. If any of you photographers have any insight on web hosting I would love to know.
I have found many people say they like certain features of the web hoster, and then others they really just don't like. I will be doing my research on web hosting site so that I can find one that has the most features that help you so that you don't get locked into a contract that is just not right. There are so many options out there, research is the key to success.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Right on Time

Our new addition to the family came right on time. December 9th, 2009!
Check out my new blog for the little guy Thinkin' about Lincoln.
There will be many pictures to come, so I decided that a seperate blog would be most appropriate.

Enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, December 7, 2009

One Tablespoon!

That is all it takes to get the clothes clean. I tried a small bag of Charlie's Soap a few months back and was so impressed with it's cleaning power that I bought the 5 gallon bucket of powdered soap. It is a great product and was able to rejuvenate some of our old linens! What a bonus. The large container of Charlie's soap is sitting on the floor next to my washer. It comes with a little green scoop that you would think you need to shovel in the powder, but just one tablespoon will due!
This bucket will do 1280 loads of laundry! I won't have to reorder that anytime soon. The soap is earth friendly, made in the USA and the fact that I can buy it in bulk and have it delivered once every 3 years saves on gas too! After a few washes my clothes come out smelling clean (not perfume-y) and soft, no need for fabric softener. The per load math breaks down to about 12 cents a load! I could not resist! I am so happy with it I want everyone to use it! You can buy it on Amazon too! If you are looking for new laundry detergent I highly recommend the Charlie's Soap it is fantastic.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Increasing Sales

Sometimes it can be a mystery why your sales are slumping. It is the holiday shopping season afterall, people should be flocking to my shop, what gives? Maybe you know exactly why your business is not growing, however, I think that is the minority. In any case it is always helpful to have someone from the outside look in on your business to fine tune what you have undoubtly spent many hours nurturing. If you are turning to the professionals look no further than Bert Martinez he can help you target your ideal clients, and get your shoppers turning into buyers. He has been tagged an "emotional engineer", and with his credentials I am sure that he can get your business going. For many small businesses this might not be feasible to hire someone to work out the kinks, but his blog is full of great ideas about improving sales, and the basics of business. As in any business, knowledge is powerful, find it where ever you can!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The shop-aholic

For those of you who don't feel that gift cards have what it takes to be the ultimate gift, there is another online tool that you can use to get your shopping done locally. Don't forget about you can find great places for gifts. Have an idea? You can plug key words in to the local search bar and it will come up with local places to shop. By using some online tools when making your shopping rounds, you can save time, and energy which are usually in short supply this time of year. When you need a break from shopping you can also find local restaurants. It is your source for the local yellowpages!

In the Spirit of the Holidays

Gift giving can be stressful if you have hard to buy for people on your list. First you have to come up with something, then buy then package then ship it to them. This year I am headed via my couch of course to the I found great cards tehre including some for those of my friends that love the outdoors. The Bass Pro Gift Card is not just for those who love fishing, it is for anyone who likes doing outdoor activities. The gift cards are easy to buy and easier to package and ship! That takes all the stress out of shopping! Bass Pro Gift cards can also be personalized at You can find the best picture of your mate climbing to the summit and put that right on the card to make the gift that much more special! There are many reasons to get gift cards this year, and for me it is so that I can get more sleep!