Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Internet For All

Internet services can be elusive for those that can't afford to have a cable modem, and router, and the funds for the cable. There are other options though. You can still get reliable cheap dial up service. Dial up service is better than no service, and when you can get it for under $10 a month it is a real deal. With dial up, as you may know, you use your phone line, which is good if you live out in the country where you can't get cable Internet service. If you want a little faster Internet you can also get other packages from high speed dial up to DSL. I like the fast speeds of DSL so that package is more my speed, still it is inexpensive when compared to cable Internet! With the big companies that push all sorts of services on you, this company gives you the freedom to just have the Internet service. No more salesman trying to make you upgrade your cable package with your Internet service. Best of all this Internet provider is American owned and have great customer service where you can easily talk to a REAL person! What a bonus. They have great business ethics and privacy policies. No hassle trial, they offer 30 day money back if you are not happy with the service. If you are without Internet you should look into this American company that can help you with all you Internet needs!

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