Monday, June 30, 2008

Contest Galore!

I was just using a few spare minutes in the Etsy forum, when I stumbled across Scribble It again! This month they are having another fantastic giveaway. July's prize will be monogram wall art. On Scribble It's webpage the photo of the stated prize looks just amazing (I hope I win). Good Luck to all of you who enter.

Another unbelievable prize is being given away on Suburose. You will be shocked when you see the wonderful chainmaille choker. It is great, and it is also from an Etsy seller. Suburose has a great article about Beaded Baubles and it is super easy to enter the contest. With a chance to win that super cool choker, you better check it out! Go quickly though this contest is over on July 3rd!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Some things never get old!

This is one of those things! The turquoise blue of the Caribbean sea, is something I could stare at for days on end. Over the last week, I spent many hours do just that. This years sailing trip was nothing short of amazing. The weather was perfect, the highs were in the mid 80's and the winds were blowing at a constant 15-18 knots.
With the radio playing M. Ward's Chinese Translation, we sailed along the wild, wild caribbean sea! The wind filled our sails and the music our ears, and we laughed. We were living in the moment, and that moment was grand. Now I am back to reality, but will hold those memories tightly, and when I hear that song it will remind me of the wind, and the wild sea!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

It is Vacation Time!

It is June, and the weather here in Chicagoland has improved dramatically. Although last night there were tornados all around. I have never heard the sirens go off so many times! After about 7pm the storms were gone and the evening was very enjoyable.
Now the countdown to vacation is at one day remaining, and I do have lots to do. This trip will take us to a tropical area for some sailing, swimming and sun! First of all, packing is a priority. We pack light so only a carry on for each of us.
1. Bathing suit --- check
2. Shorts --- check
3. Sunscreen --- can't bring it with us
4. Sunglass --- check
and of course
5. Camera --- check

Oh I can't wait to dip into the clear blue waters, what a wonderful place!
Updates when I return, in the meantime, I will not be able to do any shipping from my Etsy store. My shopping bags will still be up for sale, and I will do any shipping when I return on the 20th!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Check out this giveaway!

I was in the ETSY chat rooms the other day. So many new people, and I ran across this seller. She is having a totally awesome giveway on her blog Scribble It. Check it out all you have to do is leave a comment in the post and you will be entered to win an awesome chandeliers in black vinyl, for your wall. It is cool wall art, and from Etsy.

I am on the look out for more giveways and contests. When I find good ones I will post them here.