Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Glorious Day

Oh what a wonderful day the sun is shining and the temperature is around 60. I spent the better portion of the afternoon digging up day lilies that were bunched together. I had over 75 out of the ground, before it was time to move them to their new home. The lilies were moving out back so they could have a wonderful view of the creek and hopefully make a border around a big tree.
I took a quick break to list a new bag on my Etsy site, then back out to the yard. Hopefully they will grow in their new spot!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Well Worth the Wait

The Cure originally suppose to visit Chicago on September 29, 2007, played last night at the Allstate Arena for a solid 3 hours!

The opening show 65daysofstatic were on for only a short time. The drummer was amazing, but the lead guitar was so quiet we could hardly hear it. They were ok, but not my first choice. As they played the arena started to fill up, by the time they were done all the seats were filled. Then a short break, and at 8:15 The Cure took the stage, to an arena filled with screaming fans. Speaking of the fans, it was a different crowd than the last The Cure concert we attended in Tinley Park, during The Curiousa Festival 2004. This year they were more subdue, and a little older.

Robert Smith was great, and he even did a few little dances during songs that he was not rockin' the guitar. They played our favorite songs "Edge of the Deep Green Sea", "Friday I'm in Love", "Love Cats", "Never Enough", "Boys Don't Cry", and many more.
Then when they started the song "Just Like Heaven" the entire crowd sang, it was awesome. You could hear him above everyone, but the idea that the entire crowd was sing was pretty neat.

This concert experience was a little different. The cell phone and the cameras inside are so prevalent that people around us spent more time trying to take pictures, and video via the telephone, that they missed half the concert. One concert goer next to us watch TV on her iphone the entire time we were there. It was kind-of annoying when people would whip out there cell phones and make a call, or record the stage. The lights from the cell phones where everywhere among the crowd. When looking down to the seats in the middle, you could see a sea of light. A little silly, I think, considering the quality that one might get from a video clip on their phone. That is just me though,

We had a great time, and after the 4th time the band came back out on the stage the fans were ecstatic. After the last song, the lights stayed dark, and we thought for a second he would come back, but no a few seconds passed, then the lights came up and there was a sound from the crowd that was sad "awww". It was time to go, make our way through the crowds that were polite and calm. We arrived home shortly after midnight, we were tired, and happy.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

After the Market

The market was great, there were some wonderful vendors there. The weather was nice, except for the wind which was really whipping. It was difficult to keep the bags on the table. I learned a few things that will help for next time at the farmers market.
1. Make another banner, something with the "go green" or "Say no to plastic" idea on it.
2. Bring weights, for both the tent and for the bags.
3. Fill the bags, so people can see them better.
4. Eat sooner. (got a little cranky)
All in all it was a good experience.

There was only one thing that was disappointing. There were so many plastic bags given out at this market alone. Each booth had plastic bags hanging from the tent. There were people walking around with 4 and 5 plastic bags, only half full. I thought for sure more people going to a local farmers market would be using cloth bags. Don't get me wrong there were some reusable bags around and every-time I saw one it made me smile. It is such a small, easy thing to do, and it will help, if everyone does it! So get out there with your cloth bags and promote the use of reusable bags, and lets get all use a little less plastic!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

To Market To Market, To buy a fat pig!

Well, not necessarily a pig. I was accepted into a juried farmers market, and I am going to be selling my reusable cloth shopping bags! That is exciting, but now I have to make enough bags to fill a 10x10 space. I have been a slave to the sewing machine for the last week. Cutting, pinning, ironing, sewing, more ironing. I have made it through 20 bags. With two days to go, I don't think I will reach my goal of 50 grocery bags. It makes me a little sad, but I just did not have enough time. I will have about 35 bags by Saturday. I hope that will be enough to fill the space. The handmade grocery bags will be the star of my booth, with the shoulder shopping bags, and the cloth coffee sleeves as a distance second and third!
This market should be fun, as long as the weather cooperates! We shall see how well the reusable shopping bags go over at the market.