Thursday, May 15, 2008

To Market To Market, To buy a fat pig!

Well, not necessarily a pig. I was accepted into a juried farmers market, and I am going to be selling my reusable cloth shopping bags! That is exciting, but now I have to make enough bags to fill a 10x10 space. I have been a slave to the sewing machine for the last week. Cutting, pinning, ironing, sewing, more ironing. I have made it through 20 bags. With two days to go, I don't think I will reach my goal of 50 grocery bags. It makes me a little sad, but I just did not have enough time. I will have about 35 bags by Saturday. I hope that will be enough to fill the space. The handmade grocery bags will be the star of my booth, with the shoulder shopping bags, and the cloth coffee sleeves as a distance second and third!
This market should be fun, as long as the weather cooperates! We shall see how well the reusable shopping bags go over at the market.

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