Saturday, May 17, 2008

After the Market

The market was great, there were some wonderful vendors there. The weather was nice, except for the wind which was really whipping. It was difficult to keep the bags on the table. I learned a few things that will help for next time at the farmers market.
1. Make another banner, something with the "go green" or "Say no to plastic" idea on it.
2. Bring weights, for both the tent and for the bags.
3. Fill the bags, so people can see them better.
4. Eat sooner. (got a little cranky)
All in all it was a good experience.

There was only one thing that was disappointing. There were so many plastic bags given out at this market alone. Each booth had plastic bags hanging from the tent. There were people walking around with 4 and 5 plastic bags, only half full. I thought for sure more people going to a local farmers market would be using cloth bags. Don't get me wrong there were some reusable bags around and every-time I saw one it made me smile. It is such a small, easy thing to do, and it will help, if everyone does it! So get out there with your cloth bags and promote the use of reusable bags, and lets get all use a little less plastic!!!


Anonymous said...

hi! i came here from the site via your etsy site. can you tell me more about how your bags sold? bags similar to yours are what i sell too, and i don't find i do all that well at shows.. i'm hoping to pick up some tips on how to make some sales.

how many of the 35 went?

ThreadBeaur said...

They did not sell well. I only sold two bags for the day. I just got a tip from another etsy seller, and she said that maybe I could talk to the produce vendors and have them promote my bags at the market. I found that the people already had plastic bags from the other vendors, and were not really interested in my cloth bags. I think that stuffing the bags so they stand up is key, and of course a big sign. I will go again and hope for more traffic. Best of luck at your shows.