Thursday, September 30, 2010

Get seen!

Do you need a new advertising campaign?  Yes, well, no matter what your budget big or small, you an Advertising Agency can get you seen in all the right places.  Is it true that the more you advertise the more your products will sell?  Not necessarily, but the more people that you can drive you to your site, the more likely you are to make a sale.  There are many places to advertise like facebook, twitter, the side of you car, but are you marketing to the correct people?  Think about your product, think about what other things "your customers" might buy, how can you reach them.  Using an Advertising Agency can make your marketing side of your business boom, and you can concentrate on the fun part, making your product.  In my case I will be making bags all weekend and filling the shop, that is what is fun in my business.  The advertising side is not the most fun, maybe because I am not good at it, or I don't know exactly where I should be finding customers, whatever the reason, I think many types of business can benefit from using an Advertising Agency.  Finding the right agency is not always easy either, do they have your business in mind, or are they just looking at their bottom line.  Search the internet for Advertising Agency and you will find so many, the possibilities are endless.  Look for one that is cutting edge, willing to work within your budget, and that has great customer service.  With those points met, you can't go wrong!  So what are you waiting for get out there and get your business on the map!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Curbside apartment furniture

Guest post written by Blair Parks

In college me and my roommates never really cared about the furniture in our apartment or how it all didn't match together. We just needed a place to sit while we watched the game. We even got some of our stuff from where our apartment dumpster was where people just left stuff to be taken away that they didn't want to take when they moved out.
Then when I moved to NYC and got an internet deal from, I found out just how great Craigslist is. It ends up that in a place where hardly anyone drives a car, people will just let you take their stuff that they're trying to get rid of if you just move it yourself. So that's how I've furnished my whole apartment.
I told my friend what I was doing and she started looking for stuff for me too because she said that she didn't want everything in my apartment to be ugly. She actually found a really nice dresser for my bedroom that is a lot better than the rubbermaid containers I was using to keep my clothes in.

Monday, September 27, 2010

It's a Wrap!

"Another turkey sandwich" they all yell from the other room in exaggerated disgust.  With that sort of response I tried to mix it up a bit.  So instead of our regular turkey on wheat with cheese I have come up with our new standard.  If you too are tired of your everyday sandwiches you can give this new favorites a try.

The New Turkey wrap.
tortilla wrap
sliced turkey
provolone cheese slice (or your favorite cheese)
avocado slices
lettuce or spinach
Layer all ingredients on the wrap, roll and enjoy!
Depending on the state of your avocado you can use that instead of any mayo.


Quick Turkey Quesadilla
2 tortilla wrap

Layer ingredients in heated pan, fry until tortillas brown slightly, cut like a pizza enjoy!
You can dress this up any way you like, but we like ours with a dollop of sour cream and slices of avocados.

In the heat of the day

I just got back in from weeding my garden, the peppers are going crazy.  There are bell peppers and scotch bonnets ready to pick.  Tons of green peppers weighing down the plants.  It is hot out there, and I definitely need a break underneath my ceiling fan.  We have a great hunter ceiling fan and it pumps the air down so efficiently, and feels great when you are hot.  Ceiling fans are a great way to add a little functional personality to any room.  If you are unsure of which fan would be right for you, you can find out who makes the best ceiling fans here!  We got our fans online because there are so many to choose from, and you can find ones that are not available at your local hardware store.  There are lots of places to search for the right fan for you, but one of the stores I like is Hansen Wholesale ceiling fans.  The cooling effect of the fan is joyous, now back to the garden!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The love of showers

A shower can reset my day.  No matter what is going on, if I am having a bad day, I simply have to jump through a nice shower, to wash away my troubles.  The type of shower heads is a very important part of the shower.  Does it trickle?  Does it spray?  Does it have options?  Massage mode?  All things are good for different moods. has some great ideas for all sorts of your needs.  Don't worry if you have low water pressure, think about thFire Hydrant Spa head, maybe it is just what the doctor ordered!  So next time you are feeling blue, or just overwhelmed, try taking a little time for yourself and hop through a warm soothing shower.  It is just thing you need to wash away your stress.  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I left my heart?

In San Francisco... Well, not really, I am going there in less than a month and want to find some baby friendly activities.  I have a few days to spend in San Fran, and really want to take some pictures of the bridge, and the city, and get some good shots for my photography class.
Anyone have any suggestions on "must sees" when I am there?

I would love your suggestions.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bite or Fight?

Which is your camp when it comes to cutting baby nails?  I know that I spent a many a day trying with all my might to cut those razor sharp nails on a squirming babe.  No longer.  Our little badger, as we lovingly call our babe, has nails like, well a badger!  He not only unknowingly inflicts wounds on those around him, he makes his ears bleed with his crazy nails.  As I was driving home from the grocery store just the other day I knew that the badger had fallen asleep in the car seat and I would be able to transfer him gingerly into his crib.  When I went to the backseat to get him out he looked very peaceful and still and his fingers were in perfect position for a clipping!  I was not prepared that day, but yesterday I was cut all those little nails while he caught some zzzz's in his car seat.  Many of you probably have already figured that out, but for those who have not, take advantage of the car nap for an easy way to cut those nails!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do you Haiku?

I bought a book called Haiku Baby, and I love it.  The short poems revolve around nature, as a traditional haiku should, and the are fun for baby.  The illustrations are great too.  The book got me thinking why not "haiku" other thoughts for baby.
I know that the traditional haiku is always about nature, and there are specific rules on how it is structured, but sometimes aren't rules suppose to be broken, or at least altered a bit?  That is how we come up with new and exciting concepts.  I stuck to the 5-7-5 syllables, and took a subject that baby knows well and came up with this little poem for him.

blowing bubbles high
i reach for them in the sky
gotcha - surprise - pop!

What can you come up with.
Give me your best haiku.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is fall here?

It is official, September is here, and summer is over!  That was fast, but it is still blazing hot.  We were greeted over the weekend with a cool morning, and we took advantage of it and went for a nice long walk with the Quinny Buzz stroller and the dog too!  It won't be long now before every morning is that nice.  In the meantime, the between time, that is between summer and fall, we turn to a few fun indoor things to do. Of course many days we go to the library, but today, I just finished rearranging the house.  Yes, we needed a change, and it is the perfect fall transition.  Couches moved, chairs moved, new rug in place, table moved and redressed for fall.  All of the furniture has found new places, and all the decor has gotten refresher.  No need to go buy anything new, just move it around, and it feels fresh.  Before I know it Christmas will be here, and then another new year beginning.
As for now, I will enjoy today.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Colors! Pick your Colors!

I just saw this survey from BumGenius.  Make sure your voice is heard about what new colors you would like to see.
It is a short survey.

Snow? No Salt.

We could use sand for the driveway instead of salt, better for the environment.  Yes, what are other ways to deal with the snow that are eco friendly?  When we were vacationing in North Carolina once we were at the top of a mountain.  As we were getting into the car a kind gentleman asked us if were were going to be putting our tire chains on before going down.  At the time we had no idea what snow chains were, and we just looked at him blankly.  We then realized what he meant, since it was blizzard like conditions we were able to put two and two together.  Since we were on vacation we did not have chains, so we slid down the mountain in our rear wheel drive truck, needless to say, white knuckles all the way down.

There are many chains out there, and some are better than others (as with all things).  So when you are picking out your chains look for heavy duty ones such as Pewag (not made in China).  Quality chains that will last a long time (think durability when purchasing all your items) are those made of Nickel Manganese.  They will last much longer than those made of steel alloy.  If you live in a rural area that gets snow, the chains are a must, they have heavy duty chains for tractors.  I had never thought about a tractor  chains before, but I guess construction vehicles in the north might need them to stay on slippery snowy terrain.  
What are your thoughts on snow chains, and what can you deal with your snow in a more eco friendly fashion?  I would love to hear your stories.