Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Snow? No Salt.

We could use sand for the driveway instead of salt, better for the environment.  Yes, what are other ways to deal with the snow that are eco friendly?  When we were vacationing in North Carolina once we were at the top of a mountain.  As we were getting into the car a kind gentleman asked us if were were going to be putting our tire chains on before going down.  At the time we had no idea what snow chains were, and we just looked at him blankly.  We then realized what he meant, since it was blizzard like conditions we were able to put two and two together.  Since we were on vacation we did not have chains, so we slid down the mountain in our rear wheel drive truck, needless to say, white knuckles all the way down.

There are many chains out there, and some are better than others (as with all things).  So when you are picking out your chains look for heavy duty ones such as Pewag (not made in China).  Quality chains that will last a long time (think durability when purchasing all your items) are those made of Nickel Manganese.  They will last much longer than those made of steel alloy.  If you live in a rural area that gets snow, the chains are a must, they have heavy duty chains for tractors.  I had never thought about a tractor  chains before, but I guess construction vehicles in the north might need them to stay on slippery snowy terrain.  
What are your thoughts on snow chains, and what can you deal with your snow in a more eco friendly fashion?  I would love to hear your stories.

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