Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bite or Fight?

Which is your camp when it comes to cutting baby nails?  I know that I spent a many a day trying with all my might to cut those razor sharp nails on a squirming babe.  No longer.  Our little badger, as we lovingly call our babe, has nails like, well a badger!  He not only unknowingly inflicts wounds on those around him, he makes his ears bleed with his crazy nails.  As I was driving home from the grocery store just the other day I knew that the badger had fallen asleep in the car seat and I would be able to transfer him gingerly into his crib.  When I went to the backseat to get him out he looked very peaceful and still and his fingers were in perfect position for a clipping!  I was not prepared that day, but yesterday I was cut all those little nails while he caught some zzzz's in his car seat.  Many of you probably have already figured that out, but for those who have not, take advantage of the car nap for an easy way to cut those nails!


Just Plain Tired said...

That's actually a pretty god idea/tip. My daughter-in-law was just saying how difficult it is to cut the grandchild's fingernails the other day. I'm going to pass this on.

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