Monday, September 27, 2010

In the heat of the day

I just got back in from weeding my garden, the peppers are going crazy.  There are bell peppers and scotch bonnets ready to pick.  Tons of green peppers weighing down the plants.  It is hot out there, and I definitely need a break underneath my ceiling fan.  We have a great hunter ceiling fan and it pumps the air down so efficiently, and feels great when you are hot.  Ceiling fans are a great way to add a little functional personality to any room.  If you are unsure of which fan would be right for you, you can find out who makes the best ceiling fans here!  We got our fans online because there are so many to choose from, and you can find ones that are not available at your local hardware store.  There are lots of places to search for the right fan for you, but one of the stores I like is Hansen Wholesale ceiling fans.  The cooling effect of the fan is joyous, now back to the garden!

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