Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is fall here?

It is official, September is here, and summer is over!  That was fast, but it is still blazing hot.  We were greeted over the weekend with a cool morning, and we took advantage of it and went for a nice long walk with the Quinny Buzz stroller and the dog too!  It won't be long now before every morning is that nice.  In the meantime, the between time, that is between summer and fall, we turn to a few fun indoor things to do. Of course many days we go to the library, but today, I just finished rearranging the house.  Yes, we needed a change, and it is the perfect fall transition.  Couches moved, chairs moved, new rug in place, table moved and redressed for fall.  All of the furniture has found new places, and all the decor has gotten refresher.  No need to go buy anything new, just move it around, and it feels fresh.  Before I know it Christmas will be here, and then another new year beginning.
As for now, I will enjoy today.

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