Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Robotics. Wave of the Future

I am visiting the family this week.  My nephew is involved with a great robotics program.  He and his family love technology, and this is a great outlet for the kids.  They learn so much that can push them forward to wonderful careers dealing with robotics and other technologies.  This year he has come up with a slogan for the National Robotics Week.  He is competing against a few others to win the slogan contest.  I for one hope he wins, but I hope that I can get a few of you out there to vote for him too.  
VOTE HERE Vote for the slogan "Connecting Creativity and Science"  By Tre Conrader.
We will see in a few short days if he has what it takes to win!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Project nearing completion

Here is a shot of the WIP that has taken a great deal of time to do.  As I posted before when I finished the daytime quilt of the giraffes this is pieced together with one inch scraps from my fabric stash.  Each quilt is 40 inches wide, and 60 inches in length.  That is a lot of 1 inch strips!!!  No fabric was purchased for this project.... Now that is a first!  Both tops are nearly together, and now for the backing and batting, then the task of quilting.  I will be hanging out with my mom and this is the project that I will be working on.  We always love to chat and quilt.  I find that it makes the time go so fast, and before you know it you have finished quilting!
These will hang above my couch, that is if I ever finish quilting them!  Perhaps we will use them first as two fabulous play mats first.  
Enjoy this pictures.

Your Baby Can Read

Guest post written by my buddy Lavern Small
Your Baby Can Read is an excellant program for children. It consist of five videos with accompanying flash cards. The videos utilize repetition of words and sentences, along with examples and demonstrations. The program is very interactive and fun and sometimes you can even catch it on Cable Television Deals. I have a 17 mos old son who not only enjoys watching the videos but has grown in both verbal and nonverbal communication since starting the program. The program continually adds words to your child's vocabulary. It initially shows your child the word on the screen, pronounces it and then shows the meaning of the word. It will rather show an example of the noun or show someone acting out the verb. Towards the end of the video, there is a word game to help test your child and reinforce recognition. The screen will display two words, then the commentator will ask your child to distinguish between the two words. Each video comes with accompanying flash cards that focus on words used in that particular video. The flash cards are very helpful for parents to help reiterate the words learned in the video. I would highly recommend this video to anyone who values education and wants to give their child a head start in school and life.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ski Central

So now that the hectic days of Christmas and New Years are behind us, we can concentrate on a great vacation.  We live in sunny Florida and want to find a great place to do a little skiing and other cold weather sports.  It isn't easy having perfect weather year round in Florida, but we do our best.  We are researching 
Breckenridge rental homes.  The peaks of the mountains are beautiful and they are calling my name.  Though I would never want to go back to living in a place that it snows, I don't mind a short visit.  The crisp blue sky set behind the stark white snow capped mountains is a beautiful site that is one everyone must see.  It can't be missed.  There are many ways to see the mountains, but I like the thought of speeding down them on two waxed skis as fast as I care to go!  

Vacation rentals Breckenridge could be our spot this year.  There is much to do there, and it looks as if the skiing is second to none!  

Breckenridge Property Management can help you select the perfect rental for your families needs.  From a small cabin to a large house, they have it all.  Perhaps we should have the family reunion there this year.  Getting the family together in one place can be such fun.  Add that to a wonder picturesque setting and you will have one fantastic vacation.  

Holidays Gone, but not forgotten

Over the last few weeks we travelled here and there to visit friends and family.  One of the best activities over the visits was the coffee and chats by the fireplace.  Couches and chairs nestled around a gas fire was the perfect setting for our hot cocoa and tea.  Many stories were exchanged and other holidays remembered.  We heard a few stories that have been told every year without fail, and we also heard some new favorites that we will retell again and again.  That is what the holidays are about to me.  What was your favorite holiday moment?  
There were a few different types of fire that we sat in front of but I would have to say that the best of them was the fire with the gas logs.  The outdoor fire was smokey,and we all smelled like a campfire when it was time to go inside. We also watched the fire that was playing in a loop on the TV, while it was fun and gave a perceived warmth, it was, less than warm.
The gas logs gave a nice heat, and a nice realistic sound of crackling flames, and the company that we enjoyed was not bad either!  Holidays a great for gathering, and a gas logs make it even better.  Making your fireplace a gas one can be easy with the right information.  You can use R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs and you can find all the gas log FAQs online.  So make next years holiday even better sit around the fire and remember all the stories from seasons past.