Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Increase your garden space

Whether you have a sprawling yard, or have a small plot of land there are some things you can do to increase  the amount of area for your green thumb.  The easiest way is to adorn your house with wonderful window boxes.  Not only do you increase the green space, you make your home more beautiful.  After reading about the square foot gardening techniques, I think you could easily put some of Mel's Mix right into your window boxes and enjoy the beautiful crops that will pop up.
The possibilities are endless, but imagine for a moment that you have a small window box planter on one of your kitchen windows.  All summer long you could harvest some herbs right through the window.  During the warm summer nights when the windows are open in the house, the aromas of basil, rosemary and thyme could be blowing in through the kitchen window.  It is a very appealing thought for me.  Another very wonderful idea is to have window boxes for all of your cut flower needs.  You could harvest some of your favorite flowers, perhaps varieties of dahlias in all shades from dark to light.
If you don't have a green thumb, it is okay.  Their are varieties of window boxes that are self watering, so if you forget to water, it is no problem.  If you go on vacation you don't have to bug the neighbor to water your plants because the self watering box will take care of your precious plants.
I think window boxes will be the new rave in gardening. You can have them custom made to fit your window, and with many exterior styles there is bound to be one that fits your homes theme.
I think that window boxes and planters are great for urban living where perhaps your green space is minimal.  Digging in the dirt has its perks, so why not have a little green space just for you.
Another fun idea would be to use windowboxes on a low window or a small planter for a lesson to toddlers on how to garden.  They could have their own garden to manage, and plant as they saw fit.
Indulge your natural side with a little extra space to plant in and reap the benefits of a small garden without changing your yard.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Gardening for all seasons

In Florida we have wonderful gardening seasons... all year!  This spring I am working on putting together  a Square Foot Garden.  I got the book from Amazon and when it arrived I read it from cover to cover.  After reading it I was totally  motivated to get going on my garden.  First, though I had to gather the materials.  Anyone that has a SFG knows that Mel's Mix is not exactly cheap.  So I tried to save a few bucks by finding recycled wood from my Square Foot Garden beds.  While I have not completely finished this task, I am making good progress.  The first place I looked was a local construction site.  I got a few pieces after I spoke with the foreman on site.  I will have to check back in a few days, and hopefully they will be further along, with more scraps.  They were just going to throw them away, and now I can use them for my garden (recycling).  Another way to save money while putting together your square foot garden is to have your own compost pile.  This book was just the motivation I needed to get my compost pile producing great soil for my veggies!  I would love to hear about others experience with composting, and square foot gardens!  Successes and failures I would love to hear your stories of growing veggies.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bulk listings=Discounts

I tried a listing for multiple coffee sleeves.  I think people liked the ability to buy multiple sleeves for a great discount.  I am thinking about doing more and more multiple listings for the coffee sleeves.
Regular price of a single unique coffee sleeve is $5.00, however, if you purchase the package deal with three or more coffee sleeves you get a dollar off each sleeve!  Now that is a good discount.

I am always up for custom orders, so if you need a certain number of sleeves, just let me know.  I can't guarantee that the fabrics will all be the same.  That is what makes them so unique.  The fabric patterns are from the left over projects, and other pieces of salvaged fabric that would otherwise end up in the landfill.
Using the coffee sleeve is eco friendly in two ways, maybe more.  First you don't have to use a cardboard sleeve, and second, the fabrics are recycled!  So make your daily grind a little more green!  They do make great gifts, and at the discounted price you can get one for everyone in the office!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


The cat ate my tomato seedlings.  The door to the secret tomato hideaway was left open last night and the cat took the opportunity to eat all my seedlings.  Well, all but five.  I hope they can survive.