Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Curbside apartment furniture

Guest post written by Blair Parks

In college me and my roommates never really cared about the furniture in our apartment or how it all didn't match together. We just needed a place to sit while we watched the game. We even got some of our stuff from where our apartment dumpster was where people just left stuff to be taken away that they didn't want to take when they moved out.
Then when I moved to NYC and got an internet deal from, I found out just how great Craigslist is. It ends up that in a place where hardly anyone drives a car, people will just let you take their stuff that they're trying to get rid of if you just move it yourself. So that's how I've furnished my whole apartment.
I told my friend what I was doing and she started looking for stuff for me too because she said that she didn't want everything in my apartment to be ugly. She actually found a really nice dresser for my bedroom that is a lot better than the rubbermaid containers I was using to keep my clothes in.

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