Sunday, August 29, 2010

Batteries Not Required

Who wants to listen to the off key tones from a battery operated plastic kids toy?  I presume that nobody would be the answer.  Some people buy those toys just to pacify the kids, but do they really need it?  No, and most people I have talked to just say they can't stand the noises they make, so I say "why buy them"!  Why increase your stress by having these noisy toys.  I am all for no plastic no battery operated toys.  So far in the first 9 months we have done just that.  We do have a few plastic rattles that we got from the shower before the baby was born, but we have not purchased anything plastic for him.  Our neighbor made him and awesome wooden car, and we just bought his first big toy.  Using the age range on the toy as just a suggestion, we went ahead and bought the Zany zoo from Target.  It is awesome (though made in China) we could not resist it.  Made from wood, and painted on designs this Zany zoo captured his attention the moment we put it on the floor.  From across the house I set baby on the floor and he crawled as fast as he could over to it.  Pulled up on the side and stood and played with the top for a good ten minutes, then sat and discovered the box had sides too!  With a great color scheme, and so many things to look at this will bring years of enjoyment.  The suggested age of it is 1-3 years, but I think that because of the great colors and easy to manipulate activities it is perfect for him.  Next time you are in the store looking for a great toy to afford you a little peace and quiet, check out some of the great wooden toys available, and you too will have play time that is not aggravating!

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