Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cooling history

Guest post written by Pete Stump

Living in a nationally certified historic home is a blessing and a burden. Our home’s value only increases over time as long as we keep it up, which means that maintaining its exterior doesn’t require a lot of imagination because it has to remain the same.
But there are also a lot of problems with it. We’re stuck with the look of the exterior and are held to a higher regard by our neighbors than someone not in a historic home. The home also isn’t well insulated, which means that heating and air conditioning can be a problem. When the one we had broke down, we decided to go with a new model and settled on anew hvac that wouldn’t compromise the integrity of the historic structure. We didn’t have to put a noisy unit outside that’s an eyesore – at least when it comes to historic homes.
I was so grateful for the house to be cool again because we also have some antique furniture in here that doesn’t do well in damp and warm conditions that often happen in homes without good cooling systems.

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