Thursday, August 26, 2010

The New Education

We have all seen them advertised: online universities.  I wanted to get some feed back on what my readers think about them.  I have had a few friends get their MBA's via the internet, and I am currently enrolled in a online university photography course.  There are so many different educational opportunities available via the internet for those who otherwise don't have time, or the ability to get to a traditional school.  The Chronicle is packed full of information from jobs, to current news, and opportunities available to those with a higher education.  It is a great source of information.  That is what the internet is all about, right?  The ability to obtain the answer for any question.  Do you think having a degree from an online source is as good as a tradition school?  One online school (there are many)  Walden University, has many degree and certificate programs.  From Doctorals, to individual classes, you can tailor your schedule to your personal life.  Do your course work at your own pace, nothing is better than that!  Education is not limited to brick and mortar establishments anymore.  I am a fan of education for the sake of education, so I am in favor of all types of learning from your tradition schools, to online degree programs.

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