Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birding! High Tech

We have talked about getting a high tech motion sensor bird camera.  I love to watch the birds as the approach the feeders, and land gracefully without spilling all the seeds out.  How fun would it be to have a photo of this, without the need to sit out in the sun all day to snap a picture.  They have a  wireless bird camera that works with your SD memory cards.  It has a motion sensor, so that it will just snap the picture when the birds are around.  No need to spend hours and days trying for the perfect shot.  You could have bird house camera to capture any little ones that might arrive.  You could watch the progress via the camera.  It could be a great learning tool for the kids too.  No need to disturb the nest, just build your own bird house, and place the camera inside.  Watch the secret nest life unfold before you!  How fun.  Now that I have found these bird cameras on the web, it might be time to pick one up. 

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