Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Remodeling Picks

We want to remodel our bathroom, and that starts with picking out tiles.  We want make our selections before we start the demolition.  That way we are sure to find something we like in a timely fashion.  I am not a good decision maker, and lean toward procrastination at any chance I get.  So picking the tiles for the shower is a big deal.  We have made one decision already, and it is what prompted the re-do.  We want to have glass tiles like subway tiles.  Something modern, something bright, something easy to clean.  These are our only demands, today.  So I am scouring the internet in search of the perfect tile.  At the local store they did not have anything that really grabbed me, so I will search, and seek out the perfect bathroom tiles for the job.  Once we have our minds made up, then the fun can really begin.  I love a good demolition, I find it therapeutic, so here I go to the shed to get my crowbar!  It is time to get started!

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