Thursday, August 26, 2010

Teaching kids to like math

I am thinking that this is a difficult task.  Math, never one of my strong suits, is coming back to me.  I am starting to enjoy fractions, and dare I say percentages!  Yes, of course, they do come in handy when you are at a 63% off sale, and you have to know if I can buy those to die for shoes.  So I guess starting young is the way to go with teaching kids to enjoy math.  Tutoring can start as young as kindergarten, and go through college, for all sorts of subjects including math, and pre algebra.  Math can be used in many everyday situations, and tutoring kids early can help ease the frustrations.  How do divide numbers, fractions, decimals can all be taught to the very young using simple examples from things they see everyday.  I use algebra equations when I am in the craft room trying to come up with new quilt designs, so you really can bring math into the house so kids can see it in action.  If you can seem to do it yourself, get a tutor to help out.

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