Thursday, August 26, 2010

Online Customer Service

I have talked about my feelings of customer service before.  There are some places where it does not exists.  And unfortunately that seems to be the case in your big box retailers.  When dealing with online vendors it seems as if the customer service is key, and most online retailers are really coming around.  I have had some great experiences lately with Maui Jim, Cotton Babies (cloth diapers), and most recently with Title Nine.  I opened a live chat with a Title Nine rep a few weeks back, and was asking about a tank top that I really wanted, but they seemed to be out of stock, everywhere.  She checked all the stores, and said they were just not available, and were not going to be available.  I was sad to say the least.  Then just two days ago I received another email from Title Nine, it was the same rep that I was talking to, and she said they just found a small stash of the tank I wanted, in the size and color I wanted.  She further wrote in the email, that she had put an order on hold for me in case I was still interested in purchasing the shirt!  I was so excited, that would never happen at your brick and mortar stores, I say never, but I am sure there are a few exceptions to the rule...
Anyway, Title Nine, thank you for taking the time to remember me, and put the shirt on hold.  I did buy it and it is on it's way.  Way to go with fantastic customer service you have a customer for life!

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