Monday, June 30, 2008

Contest Galore!

I was just using a few spare minutes in the Etsy forum, when I stumbled across Scribble It again! This month they are having another fantastic giveaway. July's prize will be monogram wall art. On Scribble It's webpage the photo of the stated prize looks just amazing (I hope I win). Good Luck to all of you who enter.

Another unbelievable prize is being given away on Suburose. You will be shocked when you see the wonderful chainmaille choker. It is great, and it is also from an Etsy seller. Suburose has a great article about Beaded Baubles and it is super easy to enter the contest. With a chance to win that super cool choker, you better check it out! Go quickly though this contest is over on July 3rd!

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subu said...

thanks for posting about the giveaway!