Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why is this such a common site?

Is it because people are lazy? Are these troubling bags just that easily tossed along roadsides, waterways, everywhere? How do they get there and why? More importantly how do we get rid of them! I ran across a few facts about plastic bags on several sites, they indicated that the average adult consumer uses 300 plastic shopping bags a year! That is a lot of them, and more often than not they find there way to the trash directly after they make it home. Considering that it costs more to recycle a bag than to make a new one, it is not surprising that the plastic bag manufactures are still turning out plastic bags by the billions!
This fantastic article in the New York Times from Feb. 2008 sums it up. The article reviews the tax in Ireland on the dreaded plastic bag, and they have had great success limiting the use of them. It is about time that we jump on that bandwagon and make a difference before it is too late!
We should not treat our world as a landfill, we have enough of those around already.
No more plastic!

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livingglassgirl said...

Thank you for blogging about this subject! Such a sad waste of resources and spoils the natural beauty of this earth.