Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All ground up

Now with the new earth friendly filter for the Senseo, I have found myself wondering what I can do with the coffee grounds.
So I searched around on the good old internet. I came across thousands of things I could do. There was a recipe for reducing cellulite with your used coffee grounds (written by DIY Maven), or using them to wash the dog (supposedly the smell is offensive to fleas). From beauty tips to the garden there are many ways to reuse your brewed coffee grounds.

On greenyour.com they have a statistic that is amazing. They say that 40 percent of the trash by weight at Starbucks is the ground coffee. Can you believe that 40% of there trash is an organic matter that could be used for fertilizer. Some Starbucks offer there "fertilizer in the rough" to gardeners that want to green up there lawns, or stimulate the earth worms, so if you are interested talk to your local barista!

I will test the fertilizer for the lawn theory. I am saving the grounds every morning in a can. When I get enough of the grounds I will pick a patch of grass to test. The nitrogen in the grounds should act as a greening agent for the grass. Of course don't cover the grass completely, it still needs the sun. I will sprinkle the grounds when the weatherman calls for rain, and we will see what happens!

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quitecontrary1977 said...

i've always wondered if organic matter still breaks down at the same rate in landfills.. gotcha today, by the way..