Monday, December 7, 2009

One Tablespoon!

That is all it takes to get the clothes clean. I tried a small bag of Charlie's Soap a few months back and was so impressed with it's cleaning power that I bought the 5 gallon bucket of powdered soap. It is a great product and was able to rejuvenate some of our old linens! What a bonus. The large container of Charlie's soap is sitting on the floor next to my washer. It comes with a little green scoop that you would think you need to shovel in the powder, but just one tablespoon will due!
This bucket will do 1280 loads of laundry! I won't have to reorder that anytime soon. The soap is earth friendly, made in the USA and the fact that I can buy it in bulk and have it delivered once every 3 years saves on gas too! After a few washes my clothes come out smelling clean (not perfume-y) and soft, no need for fabric softener. The per load math breaks down to about 12 cents a load! I could not resist! I am so happy with it I want everyone to use it! You can buy it on Amazon too! If you are looking for new laundry detergent I highly recommend the Charlie's Soap it is fantastic.

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