Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunglass disaster

Our Maui Jim glasses have been the best accessories we have ever owned. They are a must in defense of the Florida sun. Just two days ago as we were getting ready to hop in the pool, M grabbed his glasses, and the bridge broke in half. The glasses were destroyed!!! Oh how sad we were.
Maui Jim customer service to the rescue. We gave them a quick call since they are open until 7pm central time! We were pretty excited about that. They told us to pack them up and send to the repair center in Peroria, IL and they would be able to fix them for a nominal fee (much less than a brand new pair for sure). I took a picture of the glasses, and packed them up and shipped them off. They told us it would take about 10 days to fix. Good thing M has a spare pair (not Maui Jims).
You may remember that we had his lenses swapped out not too long ago, and I will never buy another brand of sunglasses, because the customer service that we received by the good folks at Maui Jim. They have scored a customer for life! If customer service is important to you I would definitely recommend Maui Jim's as your sunglasses of choice!