Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Settling In

Wow! What a lot of boxes. We had about 5 people come over and pick up boxes and packing paper. I think we are finally rid of all of it. I have not unpacked my quilting fabric, and it sits in 6 big boxes in the back room that we are using as staging as we rearrange all of our furniture. The craft room is going to have to wait until ONE we make some shelves, and TWO when M goes back to work.

Our days now are filled with swimming and organizing and throwing away a ton of junk. One of the most important lessons we have learned from this move is SPEND MORE THAN ONE DAY PREPARING FOR THE MOVE. Even though someone came in and packed our stuff and moved it 13 hours south, we still had a lot of junk. So we have dropped off items at the Goodwill for 5 days straight, I think they know us by name now.

The good news is that Nilla is really having a nice time swimming in the pool, and of course taking naps on the plants. I guess it is more comfortable than the dirt. I don't blame her.

We are going to the beach in the morning then we have to prepare for family coming in for the weekend. Busy, busy.

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