Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dinner Reviews

Last night we tried a new side dish. I found it in a cookbook no less! I rarely crack the covers on the cookbooks now that I can find any recipe at my fingertips on the computer. This was a good one though. The book was Healthy Cooking for Two and it shows you how to make smaller portions just for the two of you. So you don't end up wasting a ton of food. The recipe we tried was a Sweet Potato Bake. I only had to use one sweet potato, and you bake it up in a small souffle dish, so that the portion size is much more manageable.
We usually split a steak, since we try to only eat a fist size portion of protein and increase our veggies a little.
The meal consisted of the sweet potato bake, corn and the half portion of delicious steak!


Kuldip Vyas said...

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Shaun McGowan said...

Potato Bakes are really yummy. Why dont you add a recipe on here?