Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shopping for a boy

Now we know that we will be having a little boy come December. I have been looking for some cute little outfits. I found this cute appaman onsie with a funny little monkey on it. It will be perfect for summer and year round here in Florida. I love the navy monkey on the blue cotton fabric. How cute. Of course, I can't buy everything I see. I am sure babies grow so quickly that they hardly have time to wear all the designer baby clothes you have for them. They won't grow out of these stuffed animals that fast. One or two special toys would be okay to indulge in. Something soft, and cuddly. I am partial to the jellycat. There are some new designs, too. I found Cordy Roy Alligator, and the Cordy Roy Aardvark. Maybe I will get one for me and one for a friend. I have a few friends that are all expecting within the year. I think Jellycat makes a great gift.
While I am out shopping I might as well get a little something for myself. There is an adult bathrobe by Barefoot dreams that looks fantastic. The fabric looks so soft, and it is machine washable! That is a great benefit. I think they would be perfect for a cover up when we get out of the pool on the cool evenings!

I am going to be on the lookout for more fun items. If you know any items for the little ones that are a must have send me a comment!

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Leah said...

very cute items here.... I have 3 little boys, you will love him to bits!