Thursday, July 9, 2009

Planning Vacations, Already

While one of us goes to work the other is to plan vacations. After having 3 weeks off, the first time in a few years with a vacation, M has gone back to work. I have the tasks of finish the unpacking, and clean up the house. The last on the long list of things to do (certainly not least) is to plan vacations around the area. One of the places that we would love to go is Myrtle Beach and stay in one of the amazing Myrtle Beach Resorts. There are certainly many to choose from, and many of the on the water. I would love to stay at a Myrtle Beach Resort right on the waters of the South Carolina coast. It is so easy to find many hotels and resorts on the internet. I am not sure how we planned such excursions before we had the internet! It makes it so easy.

When choosing a Myrtle Beach hotel, I think it is very important to check out the pictures, so you can see what your view will be from your room. I will be picking out some fun activities for us to do during our vacation. I would love to hear from anyone that has been to Myrtle Beach before and stayed at one of the fabulous resorts.

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