Friday, July 24, 2009

Replacing Kitchen Essentials

Having unpacked about 19 kitchen boxes in our move I realized that I have enough dinnerware to have dinner for 50 or so people. The plates that I have range from old fiestaware to new plates from Crate and Barrel. I thought I had everything one would need for the kitchen, but it turns out that sometimes those things need replacing. One of the items that sorely needs to go is the blender. We were told in no uncertain terms that our blender is junk. After trying to prepare several appetizers in it for a party for 50 people, we realized it was true! The blender is on the list of things to buy.
The food processor is another item that is essential for the kitchen, and we seem to be without! They make the prep work a breeze when preparing a gourmet meal. Perhaps that will go on to the buying list as well. I love being able to shop and compare online. You get such a better selection and all of your questions can be answered quickly. Shopping smarter!

One item that I would never get rid of is my kitchen aide stand mixer which is still in perfect health thankfully. I use it for pretty much everything. If it ever dies it will be on the replace list too!

The "to buy" list is short, but today we are going to look at a bookcase at the antique shop to house all my favorite cookbooks. I have so many, and I would love for them to be close by so that I can just grab it and get those pots and pans flying!
Cooking is so fun, when you have the right tools and a wonderful recipe! Enjoy your kitchen!

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