Friday, July 17, 2009

Making Money

Dive into the blogging world and you will find many wild and wonderful things. I have my blog for fun, and to promote my shop. There are many other reasons to have a blog, too. You could have a blog for your kids, your photos, your stories, but have you ever heard of blog monetization? Many blogs out there don't just blog for fun, they blog to make money. If you can make money online by blogging, why not! There are many places to find tips on money making in the blog world. Online Siesta has great info.
Online Siesta is well formatted. You can navigate easily around his site to see all his posts. It is one mans thoughts on the Internet advertising world around him. Online advertising, good or bad, you be the judge. The writing is cleaver, education, and even funny. Just what you would expect from someone explaining digital marketing, and blog monetization. I very excited to see what he posts next this will definitely be one of my bookmarked pages.
So if you are interested in the marketing of blogs, and all the Internet has to offer for advertising, check out Online Siesta, it will not disappoint!

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