Sunday, July 26, 2009

Setting up in a craft fair

There are a few craft fairs near by that I might start setting up in. I need to get a better display area though. I found some pipe and drape displays that would be perfect for the 10x10 spaces that I can rent. It really sets your booth apart from the others, giving you a sense of a small shop. Usually the trade fair booths are partitioned into 10x10 slots, you can rent bigger, but I don't have that many bags to fill a bigger space. The fairs that I have found are inside which is great since the Florida heat can be overwhelming in the summer.

With all my bags and coffee sleeves set up on a plastic table I really like the way the table skirts look. It gives the display a finished look, and not to mention hidden storage space under the table for the boxes that I carry the bags in. It is important to me to have all the supplies hidden beneath the table. That way they are easy for me to get to, and out of sight.

The last thing required at the fair is a sign that is easy to read. The easiest way to get your sign up is by using a banner stand. That way it can draw attention from across the room and ease people into your booth. That is what we are striving for after all, getting the customers to come shop!

Don't forget the other essentials like a snack, water and bring lots of change! Most of all have a little fun!

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