Thursday, July 30, 2009

Window Shopping

Window shopping on the internet is so easy. One page leads to another, next thing you know your online shopping cart is full and your new clothes are on their way to your front door. It is hard to find cute maternity clothes in a regular store. They all look so BIG! I have had better luck shopping for maternity clothes online. I have decided to invest in a few basics that can really work enhance my wardrobe. Since it is hot here, I think short sleeves and tanks are the way to go. Simple items that can be dressed up for a night out on the town, and worn with different accessories look perfect for a night at the local pizza joint. Since it is only a few short months that I will actually wear these clothes, I think it is better to have a few nice peices that I can wear over and over, and not get tired of the look. I am looking for a basic t-shirt, a flattering tank top, and everyday shorts. I already have purchased a little black dress that will be my go to dress for the next 5 months.

Window shopping online is so fun, to compare the styles and the variety is endless. I can't even believe how many black dresses are out there. I really enjoy sites where it is to drop items in to the cart, and make your finally decision just before checkout! I guess I am off to see what I have in the cart. Happy shopping to all!

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