Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walking, do you keep stats? Fitness goals?

So today I started walking.  I am going to try to walk in the mornings when it is cool, but I want to track my walks, and have an idea of how far, and how fast I am going.  As part of a weight loss program walking a few times a week is a good start, and a great way to get out with the baby.  I am not into dieting, so this is not a diet program, we will say I am setting lifetime fitness goals.  This slow start of walking in combination with high protein foods might not be the "fast" way to get in shape, but I think slow and steady, at a pace that I can follow is more important that instant gratification.  I am thinking long term for my fitness goals, and maybe I will get that jogging stroller in a few months.  
Are there any webpages that you use to track your fitness goals?  Walking pages with maps? I am trying to get ideas on how to track my fitness goals.   Thanks for any ideas.

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