Sunday, May 16, 2010

Take only Pictures..Leave only footsteps

Take only pictures, leave only footsteps!!!
This sentiment is one that you often see when in national parks. Over the weekend we took a drive out to Fort Pickens and the Gulf National Seashore. We were among a handful of people walking the old fort grounds. I was snapping pictures of the great architecture left from a by gone era, when what to my disgust we saw. Yes, that is a disposable diaper sitting on the ledge. Why? Why do you leave your disposable diapers when you can just as easily put them in the trash. Do you leave your diapers around your house? Do you leave them to stink in your car? If you don't want them what makes you think I want to see them. Someone has to clean it up, and I don't think they want a diaper either. So this is another reason I hate disposable diapers. With cloth we would never dare leave our diapers behind. Before we went walking around we did a quick cloth diaper change in the car, popped it in our dry bag, and were on our way. We did not leave behind trash.
Sorry this is more of a rant about folks leaving trash behind in the form of diapers. So when you are out and about, leave only footsteps, not your disposable diapers.
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