Friday, May 14, 2010

Cars, when to let it go.

We are a two car family.  I have a SUV, which I love, and M has a sedan.  Recently we took my car in to be fixed, it was worth the money to get it back into tip top condition.  The problem was as soon as we took mine in M's car started having some trouble.  The check engine light came on, so off we went to the dealer to drop it off too.  The repairs have been quoted well above it's value, so what do we do?  Is it time to dump it and get the SUV we really want, but do we really want to pay the  Chevy Traverse price?  I know, I know it is a gas guzzler, right?  But we really wanted the extra space, and it has three rows, enough room for the baby, the dog and all of our things for a road trip.  Or do we do the more eco-friendly thing and get a smaller car, perhaps we check out the volvo c30 price tag?  Of course there are other options that would not only reduce the amount of times we had to go to the gas station, but would also make us feel good about our driving around town.  We could check out the Honda Insight price and maybe we would be surprised about the roomy interior.  Maybe not, but it is worth a look.  The hybrids do appeal to me, and there are more and more coming on to the market.  Then again, now that we have our little baby maybe we should look into the swagger wagon.  I am sure the toyota sienna price tag would be sure to hurt my feelings though.  The commercials are great, and it does look really roomy.  I guess the question is do we go small and eco-friendly, or spacious.  The price tags are really second  to our needs in the vehicle.  There is no easy decision for us.  We are taking M's car to a local mechanic to see if he can do the work for less than the dealer so, we will wait to see what the local mechanic has to say about our current car before we make any final decisions, and even then I am sure it will take us months to finally pick which car is right for us.

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