Monday, May 10, 2010

Tomatoes in all their glory

Look at this wonderful little tomato bloom! The plants are getting so big, winding their way up the twine.
I can't wait to harvest the tomatoes from the 13 plants that I planted. 10 of the plants are heirloom tomatoes that I grew from seed. Very satisfying to see them so tall and on the verge of producing tomatoes!
I spent the majority of mothers day tending the garden, and generally making the back yard better. It was a wonderful day, and gardening on mother's day is going to be our family's tradition!
Like a kid during an easter egg hunt, I searched around my tomato plants in hopes to find the ultimate "easter egg" a little round green tomato starting to grow. Much to my surprise I found 6, and many more blooms that will hopefully turn into some tomatoes shortly! I can't wait to see which plants are the best producers! I will be saving my seeds this year from my favorite plants.
If you have a garden, and are having success, or not, I would love to hear story.
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