Monday, May 17, 2010


Organization at its finest.  Have you ever let a friend borrow a book, and then never get it back?  Well,  a friend of mine with an extensive library likes to loan her books to anyone who will enjoy them.  However, she likes to keep them organized, and of course wants the books returned to her.  After many years of handwriting which books she leant to friends, she finally got some custom labels  with small bar codes to affix to each of her treasured books.  Now she has the most organized library of anyone I know.  Maybe a little too organized.  It is like she is running her own private library now.  She now can easily inventory her library and when she lets a friend borrow one of her precious books, she now can scan it, and will know exactly where it went!  No more lost books!  I think it is a great idea that could be put to use in many home situations.  How about for keeping your ever growing wine stash in order, you could place a custom label on each bottle as you brought it home, scan it, and you would have your instant inventory.  Of course, it would take a little effort to set it up, but once the system was in place, you would be very organized.  Once you scan the wine with the label, the description could tell you which wine fridge it was in down to the shelf location, and the notes you may have made on what you liked about the wine.  There are so many possibilities.  If you have a special system that you use to stay organized I would love to hear it.  We could all use a little help when it comes to keeping everything in it's place!

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