Monday, May 24, 2010

Memory Lane

Reminiscing about high school usually conjures up happy memories, or maybe unhappy memories for some.  I can still remember my high school locker combination, 13, 12, 24.  The sound of spinning the lock dial is a sound that still reminds me of early morning in the hallways.  We would get to school early just so we could meet our friends by the lockers and chat or perhaps gossip before class started.  My school has been remodeled since I was there, and it no longer even has the same gym lockers that I remember, now they are fancy, and fantastic.  The school looks more like a college than a high school.  Which for the current students if great, they have state of the art school.  I don't know if the classes are any better, or if they could be any better.  I look back at my school days with fond memories.  I had a great experience, hanging out by the school lockers are just one of the vivid memories, that I enjoy to look back on.    I know there are some funny tales of high school, that you are just dying to share!  Let them out, we want to hear them.

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