Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Weeks’s Survivor

This episode began, as they all do with the return to camp after the last tribal council. Thank goodness it was J.T.'s turn to go, he will be forever known for the dumbest move on Survivor after giving his idol to Russell.
The finale is near so the players have begun to scramble. Sandra was flipping with Rupert, Candice was flipping with Russell and Amanda lost it altogether.
The reward challenge was won by Colby, Amanda and Danielle. They went to the home/museum of Robert Louis Stevenson had a curious tour in their bedraggled bathing suits and settled down to watch Treasure Island.
Was it just me or did they all look ridiculously uncomfortable lying on the bed together? It was very weird and took a turn for the worse when Danielle found an idol clue nestled in the popcorn and Amanda tried to steal it! Colby was laying back trying to look like he was enjoying the movie when Amanda and Danielle jumped up and started wrestling over the clue. Dumbfounded Colby acted as referee and made Amanda return the clue to Danielle because you know, finders-keepers.
It turns out to be for naught because slippery Russell ended up with the idol and hid it from Danielle. Maybe Russell's confidence was shaken by Parvarti having two idols last week so he decided to play it. This week's casualty was Amanda, who no doubt was kicking herself for not diving into the popcorn first.
I watched last week's last night because I have DVR on my Direct Tv Satellite Tv so now I'm all caught up for tonight's episode...my money is on Colby for the boot.
Posted by Erin Alexson

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