Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things You Need to Know When you Move

Guest post written by Erica Famin
Everyone will move at least once in their lives. As most people know, moving can be hectic and can also be very time consuming. There are tons of things to think about when you are preparing for a move. You need to neatly pack all of your items and transport them from one place to the next. If you are not capable of moving all of your items yourself, then you will need to hire a moving company. When hiring a moving company it is very important that you do your research and choose a reputable company. Keep in mind that this company and its employees will be responsible for all of your belongings. Take written inventory of all of your boxes and loose items. This is just to make sure that everything you own is delivered and not lost or stolen. You will also need to plan ahead to ensure that your new home is ready when you get there. You will need to call your current electric provider and cancel your current service and activate your new service. If you do not activate your new service before you move, you will be left in the dark, literally! You also need to set up service for your home phone and high speed internet. Most major phone companies offer great deal on internet bundles that will include your local phone service and high speed internet. If you do not set this service up in advance you could be forced to wait up to a week for the new service to be activated. You really do not realize how much you use the internet until you don’t have it.
Getting all of these things done properly will ensure that you move will go smoothly. You will have so many things to worry about, such as unpacking and organizing your new home that you will be glad you set up your home services in advance.

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