Friday, May 21, 2010

Minerals turned bad

Asbestos is a nasty little mineral that can cause big health problems.  In a nearby town they found that many of the older houses were effected by asbestos, so much so that they instead of asbestos removal, they opted for house destruction.  You know when people decided that it is not safe enough to just remove, that it must have been really bad.  The asbestos found in the insulation is the worst kind, and is bad for you lungs and can cause an array of health problems.  There are ways to get the asbestos removed, but it has to be done by professionals, and hopefully in an eco-friendly fashion.  Asbestos removal is a dangerous job, and can be very costly.
If you suspect that you have a problem with asbestos, it is best to call the pros.  Analysis of the insulation in question is your first step.  Call around to get the best deal for the job, you always want to get a few quotes.
One of my big concerns is where does all the asbestos containing material go?  In the case of the near by town, they torn down several dozen homes.  I wonder where they took all that material?  Is it labeled then stuck in a land fill?  Who knows, but I do hope that it is bagged properly so that the nasty mineral is not able to escape and infiltrate our water systems.
Asbestos is not just here in America, it is a problem around the globe.  In Britain asbestos claims so many lives of those who work in industry, that it is their biggest industrial killer.   With all this hazardous material, I would think that it would be near the top of the list of environmental concerns.  In the years to come we are sure to see more and more asbestos removal.  With the environmental protection at the top of my list of concerns, I hope that they perfect the disposal of this mineral to ensure that in years to come we don't find out that it is destroying another part of our habitat.

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