Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tomato, a month in reveiw

I planted my garden just a month ago.  The plants are really taking off.  The peppers are big, almost ready for harvest.  We have had 4 servings of green beans, and another one on the plant ready to pick.  The tomato plants that i grew from seed are just about 3 feet tall, and really loaded with blooms.  I think this one is a black cherry tomato.  There were three of the 13 plants that the labels were misplaced, so I will have to wait until harvest time to know for sure which plant this is.  I can't wait for the harvest, and to have a fresh tomato and basil salad, with some fresh mozzarella cheese!  Oh, I can almost taste it now.
All in all, I am a fan of the square foot gardening.  It is surely producing more than I expected, and the weeds are usually under control.  If I ever make a new bed, I will do two layers of the weed cloth.  Somehow some dollar weeds made it through and they are pretty much all over.  I keep them at bay by weeding every other day.  They are the only type of weed that I have, so without them, I would have had a weed free garden.
The tomato plants are big enough now that they shade the dollar weed, and they are not growing as fast, but still I have to pull them often.

So here is a recap in pictures from a month ago to now.
Here the tomato seedlings with just a few leaves were put in Mel's Mix on April 14th, and as of yesterday May 17th, they look like this.  I hope everyone is having a good gardening year.  If you have a square foot garden and would like to share please comment on this post so that we can all see your successes.

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