Monday, May 10, 2010

Clearly Facebook Friendly

Guest Blogger Author:  Jimmy Hendler

I am so happy that I do not have to take advantage of a largeCappuccino in the morning to get my Facebook fix. You know exactly what I mean, yes those Hotspots! Hands up how many of you have been sat in Starbucks only to be approached by a total stranger who want to know what you are doing on your laptop?
Hands up all those who have had a total stranger want to connect with you after discovering you have a Facebook page, while sitting in Starbucks?Okay with wireless internet you will still get the odd tap on the shoulder, but you can certainly find a bit of privacy somewhere more secluded in the city if you need to get away. With Hotspots you simply cannot do this.
Anyhow I want to tell you about how I use my Clear 4G Wimaxinternet to work with social networking, especially with Facebook. We all know Facebook can have its slow moments from time to time, but more so if you are trying to connect from a busy Hotspot location. With wireless Internet you get the speed that is necessary to be able to communicate effectively with friends on the Facebook network. Staying in touch with friends is very important to me, so a quick chat with Maria in Sweden while having a sandwich in the city park is a job well done by my Clear 4G.
It is also very important to me to be able to share photos and exchange messages with my family, which are overseas. I love being able to hop online, then send them a quick note, without the postage cost! I really love how with wireless internet, I can be deep in the mall or inside a coffee shop and still have a really good high-speed connection. It’s made my life online so much easier.
I have personally not found too many locations in the city where reception is terrible, some low spots but mostly everything works well. Overall, social networking is one of my favorite activities, and wireless internet only makes it easier!

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