Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Need a use for the cigarette lighter?

Finally a use for the cigarette lighter in the car! After getting my car back from the shop, were it was for 27 days, I realized how much I missed it. The loaner car was a very compact car, with no bells or whistles. The dealer gave my car a nice detail, and washed it. So when I got it back it was like getting a new car, inside and out. At that time only days ago I vowed that I would not let it get messy inside. I have a tendency to have scraps of paper all about, so I decided to make a trash receptacle that would collect all those little papers, and make it easy to empty it out when it was full. This is a totally recycled project. The fabric was left over from another project this weekend, and the cork, well, we all know where they come from, and the small elastic piece was from a tag on something we purchased. So now, the cigarette lighter is being occupied by a cork with a small elastic string around it tied to the sporty trash bag that I made. It looks good, it is functional, and nobody else has one just like it.
I made a second one (not pictured) for M. His was made from old military uniforms. I will have to photograph it later to post. IF you want one just let me know, I would be glad to whip up another. I can post them in my etsy shop if there is interest for them.
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Big Yellow Dog said...

What a great idea!